Wednesday, October 11, 2017

7th Spell - Miniatures Skirmish Ruleset

-Free Downloadable Rules! (HERE)
-Use any models!
-Custom rules for each of your models!

I've been working on this short ruleset.  The design objectives for this rules project were creating a simple, fast, and customizable system to get people into the miniature wargaming / skirmish game hobby.  7th Spell is designed so that a person can spend less than $5 on Reaper Bones or similar miniatures and have a complete and unique skirmishing force.

The game is set in a world I call Zeni'eth.  It is an ancient and mysterious place wreathed in magic and littered with the ruins of lost civilizations.  There are a few factions I have in mind, but the intrinsic mystery of the setting means you can create your own unique faction with its own mythos and lore.  You are only limited by your imagination!

Upcoming Supplements:

-This is only the first version of the ruleset.  I'm hoping that people who playtest can point out any mistakes I missed.  I'll update the document as such.

-Scenarios!  I encourage everyone who plays 7th spell to create their own wacky scenarios.  I'll upload a few generic ones to help get the ball rolling.

-Faction Templates.  For the factions I have in mind, I'll release some narratives and descriptions, as well as common characters you might see within those factions.  These will by no means be exclusive, so feel free to ally your characters with any of these factions or just make up one of your own!

-I'll post battle reports on my Youtube channel!


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